Monday, September 20, 2010

The oven is ON!

We are at that wonderful time called end of quarter at work. This means 2 weeks in a conference room waiting for the phone to ring with orders and chasing $$. Not for me, I'm just there for moral support or something... But, it means being trapped and needing to have snacks on hand because I can't run out. So tonight I'm having a baking marathon. First I roasted baby rosemary potatoes and beets (leftovers pictured)
Even thought I'm totally exhausted, I threw in some cherry muffins, since the oven is hot and all. I used Pamela's mix and they are so perfect!

And why not toss in a carrot cake too? I downloaded the recipe from the Betty Crocker site today:
Everything is done now and as soon as that cake is cool enough to go in the fridge, I'm hitting the hay.
Bonus picture: best salad I had all week!! Craisins, walnuts, zucchini innards, balsamic...

My next endeavor will be a kale salad - later this week!
Time to go check the cake temp.  Nitey nite!

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