Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Everybody's doin it - GF Bisquick review

I guess gluten free Bisquick is the news du jour for those of us desperate for gluten free baking mixes that might save us time and effort but still taste good.  Gluten Free Goddess rounded up a few, check out her blog for more.
I finally bought my $5 box of GF Bisquick and gave it a whirl yesterday.  What do I think?
Well, my first feeling was disappointment.  Every recipe calls for oil, eggs and at least 1 or 2 other things - far from instant! Not to mention the additional egg or corn starch to make it turn out at High Altitude! So, I basically felt like with all that effort, I might as well make my own mix from scratch.
You know me though, I won't.  So I gave it a chance...
I made "Pizza Crust".  Which, btw, took the entire box of mix - cuz it's like 2 cups of stuff in that $5 box.
I used extra "Italian seasoning" because I wasn't going to use cheese and I used EVOO instead of "oil". I suppose EVOO is veg oil, but I felt like it was a step up ;)
And I was SOOOO glad I did! or this would have been inedible. Instead it turned out as a super soft flat bread of sorts.  
Then, I went ahead and put my pizza toppings on it:
Fire Roasted tomatoes (not saucy, mind you), green onions and mushrooms
and baked it some more.  Looks good, no?
Well, here's the disappointing part. The crust turned into a pasty gooey mess under the toppings, which was gaggy to try and eat :(
So, the moral of the story: make the flat bread and dip it in stuff - don't try to bake a pizza out of it.
Other reviews have not been stellar either.  A couple people have used it to make some yummy looking things though, so in a pinch, go ahead and give it a try.
My official review: 5/10.  I prefer Pamela's for pancakes, Bob's Red Mill for biscuits and Amy's for pizza crust. Plus, they are easier to stir up!
But, thanks General Mills for giving it a shot, because sometimes something's better than nothing!!

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