Friday, September 3, 2010

Bard's and Rice cereal

No, this is not my breakfast, although some people think it could be.  It's actually my dinner.
I did one of my massive cookings and made a big bowl of Cream of Rice Cereal and had it for breakfast 3 days in a row. This is the last of it and I just couldn't bear another day of it so I had it for dinner!  With a Bard's gluten free beer.
Luckily, I'm almost out of the Bard's. Not that it's bad, I'm just not a beer girl.  Never have been.
I used to be a tequila shot and gin martini kind of girl but after a few years of getting nasty "dirty" or watery martinis even when I specify "straight, no ice" and one very fun night of matching 20+ shots of tequila with a friend (some of them doubles), I'm not that kind of girl anymore.
I'm the kind of girl that likes to sip a short glass of Mogen David in the evening before bed or gulp a nice Riesling on a date to sooth my nerves.
I'm glad to sip a glass of very old, very smooth scotch with the guys and I've even been known to chug vodka and cranberry with a splash of soda at family events.
Maybe it's maturity, or just the loss of that excitement at drinking heavily and dancing all night, but I'm much more of a connoisseur now.
That's all  :)

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