Thursday, September 2, 2010

My ~ing-venture & the Udi's bread

So, I have been doing a lot of spiritual work lately. I don't share a lot because I'm kind of secretive (surprise, surprise). I figure only a few people read this blog anyway, so what the hell...I can share a bit of my spiritual life with you all.
If you aren't familiar, check out Gabby Bernstein on and follow links to her other stuff too. She's pretty cool.
So, I got her book back in April and as with everything else, I figured I could do the crash course. You know, as in "I can do anything in 18 days"??
And it was mildly successful, I changed my perception on some stuff and was flowing a little better. Then, in July, they started the ~ing book club and every month is working through a chapter (as she originally intends in the book). So, I decided to go ahead and participate since there was a lot of guidance and support.
July was about Feelings, & was one that I found to be easy, I mean I feel all the time, right?  I did start to find that actually being present with my feelings was a different action than I thought at first and discovered some things I'd been hiding from. I knew they were there, just never got curious about them before.
August was about Forgiving.  It was an easy peasy chapter for me.  I've always been really good at forgiving people. I had a significant learning experience though, when I found out that I had to go ahead and be mad at a certain person who was continually causing me pain, and feel that anger - then I could forgive. Good stuff!!
This month is Balance. I think it's going to be an awful lot of work for me.  I'm totally off balance and have been for years! Maybe always, as an adult.
So, that brings me to the sandwich.  I finally gave in and bought a bag of Udi's gluten free bread at the store $6! for a small loaf of review? It was bread - kinda dry but it got me through the last couple weeks when I just didn't feel like cooking.  Buddig sandwich meat, lettuce, mustard, mayo, bread. Every day for lunch or dinner.  Why?
Because I have been working very hard and getting very tired.
Alright, deep breath!! I'm off to do some rebounding and improve my balance!

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