Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't eat the dye, but be sure it's GF if you do?

Ummm....just so you know - Clairol brands Natural Instincts and Perfect 10 are gluten free (as far as I can tell) as is Loreal creme natural blonde . I was so surprised to see wheat protein, gluten and other wheat ingredients in quite a few types of dye, including boxes of highlights. Of course, I don't plan to eat the dye, I think glutening would be the least of my worries if I did.  I still I avoid it.

Why is my post about this? Because I couldn't leave the house today without a hat. Why? long story short, I dyed my hair 4 times in 2 weeks and #3 was horrific!
Ready for the long story?
I wanted to go lighter so a couple weeks ago, I picked up a nice blonde shade and gave it a try (#1). Success: blond roots, Failure: the rest stayed dark. Ewwww!  So, I took myself to the store and picked up some semi-permanent dye in brown to cover it up (#2). Semi-success. But as it washed out I ended up with tri-colored hair. :(
Then, last night after work I used 2 boxes of dye remover to try and clean it up (#3) and I ended up blonde/red/copper headed.  It would have been fun if there weren't also splotches of dark brown in the back...semi-failure. Here's the best I could do with it this morning...

Alas tonight, after waiting the required 24 hours, I finally dumped a couple boxes of light brown on top (#4) and so far so good - it almost looks like my natural shade. This bodes well, because by hair is so crunchy from all the processing horses could mistake it for hay!  Once it's all dry, I will know for sure if it's a success or not.  I'll let you know in the morning.
Sweet dreams kids!

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