Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Breakfasts

I love weekends, partly because I get to sleep in and then make yummy eggs for breakfast. My toast might look funny to you, that's because I don't have a toaster so I toast it in the frying pan before I do the eggs. Dry pan - heated on high for a minute or 2, then add dry bread and watch it for the steam to let up, flip it until the steam stops - done!
Since I had a bunch of mushrooms to eat up, I just sauteed them with onions for this spectacular dish. Actually, it was pretty plain - but satisfying!
It seems like weekends always start with a huge list of chores and end with only a slightly shorter list. Where does the time go?
I know...afternoon naps, reading in the sun and all those little distractions that come up.
I'm easily distracted. Just this morning I managed to get lost in flower arranging, recycling and some random infomercial (they make that stuff sound so good! Anyone ever use a "No!No!"? or that "set it and forget it" machine?) Lesson learned - never turn on the TV until it's time for your show. The European Grand Prix is on today - there is something too fun about it! Plus, races are pretty easy to watch while you do other things - on my list today: hang a shelf in the closet and pack another box of donations to send to charity.
How's your weekend been?

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  1. Hi there! So glad you stopped by my "waterloo" LOL

    Re the peel & stick tiles... I did not have a problem with them lifting up at the nose of the stair, but on my first set of stairs I did put the tiles right to the end of the 'flat' section and unfortunately there was some "chipping" from people going up and down the stairs. So when I did the second set of stairs, I kept the tiles a bit away from the edge (without measuring right now, since I'm outside, perhaps 1/16" to 1/8" away from the curved edge of the step). That was the magic trick. There has been no chipping whatsoever and they look as good now as they did when I put them in. I had painted the back of each step and the rounded nose white so that it had a 'finished' look. Of course any color could be used. Hope you have luck with yours! I'll be adding your blog to my sidebar - I'm always searching for simple meal ideas! Love yours!... Donna