Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: Barilla pasta sauce - Mushroom & Garlic

Can you see that entire mushroom just sitting there? There were a ton of big mushroom slices and a couple little buttons even. Loved this sauce!! I give it a big fat 10 out of 10...

I, of course, started my adventure by slicing up a couple nice zucchini and sauteed them until soft-ish. Then I dumped the jar of sauce over them and simmered about as long as it takes to boil some Tinkyada rice pasta shells.

I cheated a little on my no dairy lifestyle with some parmesean cheese. I craved it!
And I'm glad I did, so there! This was a great dinner, and great leftovers 2 days later.
Also, TMI coming...I get to re-taste most prepared sauces like all night...and sometimes the next day. No burpage here so you know it was made with good natural ingredients and nothing possibly scary. I heart it.

That's all.

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