Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What would you do?

Oh No!! I left my lunch at home today. My beautiful salad with craisins, arugula, green onions and balsamic. So, I'm a little stupid this afternoon and decided to blog.
What do you do when you leave your lunch at home and can't get out to find anything?
In my office, there is a snack machine.

It has absolutely nothing gluten free though.
Lately, my desk drawer stash has shrunk down and with our upcoming 10 day shut-down, I'm putting off restocking it. No need to feed the rats or bugs or whatever takes over the office while we aren't here.
I want my salad. and it's 3:30 so I'm challenging myself to go the hour and a half until I can run home to my food.
So what happens when I don't eat for hours and hours? First, I get grouchy. Then I get stupid. Like I can't talk or recall information that was once at the tip of my tongue.
Once that passes, I get a headache - which I have learned to soothe with lots of water. Finally, I'm just a little light headed but the pain has passed. Much like now, I'm not hungry per se, but I know I need to eat soon or I'm in serious danger of falling off my chair.
Add to that the 6:00 HOA meeting that I'm compelled to go to and I'm seriously considering trolling for change to buy a Coke!
Trolling, you ask? Yes. I don't carry cash just exactly so I'm not drawn in my the Coke machine.
The HFCS is so bad for me, besides being fattening it's been proven to cause so many health issues.
The other option is aspartame and that has been proven to cause brain problems.
And I have enough of those!!
Yet, every day I crave a Coke. Once in a very long while I know I have change from some random purchase and I'll give in and buy a pop. Then there's guilt. and the burping. So I stay away.

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