Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: Bob's Red Mill GF Bread mix

I was totally in the mood to bake bread this weekend and lucky me, I had a Bob's mix in the cupboard that I'd put off using because it requires more egg whites than yolks. But I decided to give it a try and find out how many extra yolks I'd really have and it was only 3.
So, not to waste those cute pillowy yolks (have I told you how I truly love separating eggs? it's like dicing onions - I could do it all day!) I decided to scramble up an extra one with a whole egg and some veggies for breakfast while the bread was baking. Good no? i also cooked one up for barfycat - she loved it ;)

It's sliced up zucchini innards (after I made zucc noods) & onion sauteed in evoo, S&P. Also, cut up some cute little tomatoes and scrambled them with the eggs. Num :)
Here's the bread:

The bread turned out as good as I can expect! When it was fresh out of the oven it was warm and soft - I could have eaten the whole loaf at once! But, the next day it was really crumbly, even after warmed in the micro :(
I don't blame Bob. See, I messed up, a lot! First, I melted the butter in the micro but added cold milk to it! which of course solidified that butter right I put the bowl on the warmer while I separated the eggs and kept whisking until it was finally incorporated and warm (heed the instruction that all ingredients must be at room temp).
Then, after I dumped the ingredients into my cuisi bread maker in proper order, forgot that I didn't add the I dumped it in on the edge and hoped it would get mixed in good enough. I pushed "Start" and went to do some other hour later I came back to see how it was doing and found out it had done the entire cycle without the mixing paddle!! Luckily, it hadn't baked yet so I cleared it, dug under the pasty goo that was forming and stuck the paddle in. Closed the top - went to finish my hour later came back to see how it was doing and had forgotten to start it! Ugh! Slapping my forehead and stomping feet ensued. Then, I pushed Start, crossed my fingers and waited...10 minutes till it started stirring. Then checked back every 30 minutes until it was baking.
So, I'm sure all my messing around is directly related to the crumbly bread. but, it tastes good and that's what matters, right? RIGHT?

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