Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book: A Course In Weight Loss, 21 lessons

As you know, I'm a big fan of "Add More ~ing to your life" and it's probably saved my life, almost literally. I have a feeling that if I wouldn't have been Divinely guided to Gabby, I probably would have been guided to something similar - but I also believe that everything is part of a plan, so there you go.
Anyway, Gabby recommended this book by her mentor, Marianne Williamson, so I checked it out and I'm so glad I did! It has changed my life profoundly in the 21 days I dedicated to do the lessons. Now, I'm recommending it to you. No matter if you're overweight or not, everyone needs to learn the lessons in this book - about your relationship with God.
If you want to know more, message me somehow and I'll link you up to my other blog - where I wrote about each day's lesson and what it brought up for me.

I was curious about it initially because since being diagnosed with Celiac and going on the gluten free diet, among other things, I've actually gained quite a bit of weight. I chalked it up to my long-time starving body holding on to every calorie and medication notorious for making women hold an extra 15 pounds or so. But, I believe in miracles and Marianne says in this book - ask for a miracle! But, you have to believe it too - you don't want to reject your miracle, so there's a lot of work to do too.

So, the premise of this book is that being overweight is a manifestation of your mind. It is the emotional baggage that you have not worked through appropriately, being housed in your body until you do deal with it. That baggage can range from abuse to trying to please others to just needing to be closer to God. I found I was closer to the needing a stronger relationship with God mixed in with a little of the hiding my greatness to be accepted by others.
My baggage started with: I'm so afraid that I will be somewhere without safe food that I'm constantly preparing for that. Also, that I don't put enough trust in God and I'm rejecting love from my life.
It was an amazing process to go through and like I said, profound changes! For instance, every morning I get up and ask God to guide me where he wants me to be and promise to show up for my assignments. In a way, I've always known this was my job, as a Christian. I've been taught this all my life yet somehow I also picked up that what I want is what God wants. Now I know that might be true, or he might want something better and by grasping and fighting for things I may be limiting my life's greatness.
Another great ritual I've developed is praying before meals. I've never really done that before, we pray before holiday meals and I have a dear, beautiful friend who prays before meals and I appreciate it so much. Personally, I've felt awkward about it. Now, I just do it. It's a nice reminder that God has provided for me and to remember those who aren't as fortunate. It brings me back to consciously appreciating food instead of always fearing that it will make me sick, fat, tired or not satisfy me at all.

These might sound like simple things, but they are really huge, for me. Giving up my (false) control over my day and asking God to take control, every day, is alien to me. I've always thought I was supposed to do all the work, now I know that some of that work isn't mine to do. I can't control other people and I can't hold the stars in the sky.

So, if you notice a change in me - like I'm not so controlling or bossy or even if it seems like I'm careless, you know why now. I'm letting God hold those stars and I'm listening intently to his directions. I'm working really hard every day to act from a place of love and to think like I'm God's hands and feet, eyes and ears. One of the lessons says to think about your body this way, because God lives in us. So, once in a while I stop and I think WWJD? For real!

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  1. Beautiful! Good for you! I've heard so many inspiring things about this book, thank you for sharing.