Friday, October 8, 2010

Should we talk $$?

People talk about how expensive it is to go gluten free and I can show you why today! I've always kept my costs down by eating whole, natural foods and very few packaged goods but when I went wild and bought a bunch of gluten free packages I could see how it really adds up.
So here we go!
Bob's Redmill gluten free oats $5.99
Bob's gf bread mix $4.39
Udi's sandwich bread $5.49
Lundberg Rice Chips $1.86
Glutino Pretzels, 8 oz $5.59
Perky's Rice cereal, 12 oz $4.79
Perky's Flax Cereal, 12 oz $4.79
Amy's mac & Cheese $3.29
Amy's Tortilla Casserole $4.49
Amy's gf pizza $8.19

So to counteract all that cost...not really...I just needed to use up a pound of potatoes and a bunch of carrots so I made a crock pot stew. I threw in a bunch of rosemary and thyme with about 2 onions and a couple cloves of garlic too. It was so yummy and lasted all week!

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