Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review - WEN Pomegranate - My hair never looked worse

I've been hearing about WEN for years and never tried it because...well it's only on infomercials and we all know that 90% of infomercial products are huge let downs. Then one day, I was watching the commercials and they showed the curly haired girls. They had perfectly formed, lustrous curls "without using any other product". With a full money back guaranty, how could I lose?
First off, they only have 1 scent that is gluten free - ALL of the other scents have bonafide Wheat Gluten in them (WHY? WHY?).  The Pomegranate uses a soy base.  Here are the ingredients and directions:
I know, at first I was like "16 pumps!?!? Whoa!" But, seriously, you do need that much to saturate your hair.
Then I was like, "Whoa, I have to leave it on a long time"...then I realized I was leaving on my regular conditioner that long anyway.
But...the 12 ounce bottle I ordered directly from WEN "A 30 day supply", for $30 + S&H, lasted just over 1 week because I had to bump it up to the 16- 24 pumps, since I have thick, long hair.  The 8-16 pumps must be for seriously short hair, no longer than ear length.  So, I ordered a 32 ounce bottle off QVC so I could give it a real shot, for another $60.
I watched the video on QVC after I ordered and they were saying that you should see a 70% improvement in hair after 1 use. I'd been using it for a week and all it was doing was giving me frizz and random spots of goopy build up if I didn't saturate and soak long enough.  But I was determined to use it a full 30 days before requesting my refund. Also, I was hanging on to the hope that "The more you use it, the better it gets." from the commercials.
Here's what I ended up with after 30 days:
This is what I had "before":

You can see before, my curls weren't perfect, but they were manageable and even looked pretty much ok.  After using WEN they got frizzy and snarly and I lost any shine.  I do not recommend this product at all.
Also, did you notice I spent $90 for only 1 month's worth. SERIOUSLY! I went through 44 ounces of this cleansing conditioner in 30 days, not even washing every day! That is $2 per ounce. TWO DOLLARS!!
So, if you're considering trying out WEN, I'd suggest using QVC because when I emailed them to let them know I wanted a refund, they didn't even make me send the bottle back since it's a potential leaky goopy package and I got the credit within 48 hours.
I still wonder about all the great reviews they get and the fact that they've been in business for years (I remember seeing Alyssa Milano schlepping it in the 90's) so maybe it's just not formulated for my hair!
On a side note, for $90 per month, I think I could get wigs and extensions, if I was that determined to have "perfect" hair. But, I'm back to my $3 bottles of whatever smells good that last for a couple months and back to having happy shiny curls again. Yay!
Right now, I'm using Tresseme Flawless Curls shampoo and Conditioner ($2.25 each for 32 ounces). 

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  1. I agree with you!!! I purchased my product on QVC. It did nothing for my hair but frizz. I don't have thick hair like your or the curls. Just regular, shoulder length, slight wave. I washed and rinsed, and rinsed and rinsed. Put a pump as a leave in conditioner. Took forever to dry my hair and did not get the "Wen curl." Even bought the brush, nothing. I couldn't blow dry my hair straight, like they said you could. All I got was frizzy, dry looking hair, it was soft, but looking at it you wouldn't think so. Going back to my Aveda.