Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's your New Year's Day craving?

Good Morning and Happy 2012 to you!
I'll tell you right now, I'm not making resolutions this year.  Well, unless it's a resolution to just fix my problems in the moment instead of planning to do them in the future!
Yeah, I may not get anything accomplished with that attitude but how much gets done when we plan to do it in the future anyway?
So, this morning I was thinking about all the people with hangovers. I've never had a hang over, thankfully. It's either genetics or the fact that I tend to wake up 2 hours after I fall asleep, and drink enough water to give my liver a fighting chance over night. Maybe both.
I have friends who wake up after a night, such as many had last night, and crave the greasiest, saltiest, sugariest mess of a breakfast lunch dinner, ever. You know who you are.  Well, I'm here to admit that this morning all I wanted for breakfast (can you call it that at 1:30 PM?) was meat and cheese with a side of giant cokes and cookies. ahem. But, you know it's a rule in my house to start with something green and build from there - it's how I survive.

So I made the salad pictured above.  Yes, it's got hard salami (Hormel brand...let me sing their praises, gf and nitrite/nitrate free!!!) and sharp cheddar cheese. I even drizzled a little evoo on it in addition to the usual balsamic vinegar. Heavenly. 
I'm not braggin soon as I was done with that I had a coke and a handful of salty cashews.
I also popped a couple Viactiv caramel vitamins... 
Thank you Dr. for prescribing 1000 mg of D per day!
I feel better. Honestly I'd love another Coke but I only keep 1 emergency soda in the house at any time and due to nasty neighbor issues I'm refusing to go out. Long story short the wind has blown the trash they pile up outside their garage - not bagged!- in front of my garage and I'm refusing to pick it up again today, for the 22nd day in a row. Happy New Year to me.

So, how's your year starting out? What do you crave on the first day of a new year?

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