Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Thai Kitchen Thai Peanut, Rice Noodle Cart

I've had this in my drawer at work for quite a while, in case of emergency.  Well, today we have snow tumbling down by the foot so I'm resigned to eating lunch at my desk and trying to get home at the "hottest" time of day, which also coincides with when the snow is supposed to taper off.
So, I have the opportunity to try out this sweet little box of goodness!
The first thing you probably want to know is if it tastes good, right?  Well, yes it does. Surprisingly so!
The sauce actually has this tangy flavor that nicely offsets the spicy bits and the peanut topping was nice and fresh - nothing ickier than stale peanuts, am I right?  I definitely liked it.
Also, it looked very much like the picture on the front, minus the fresh garnish, of course.  That was also a super surprise! Instant meals usually look like a ball of mush and you wonder how they can live with themselves putting a delicious picture on the outside of a box when what is inside looks like a partially digested version.
You know what I mean!
Pros of this meal:
1. You just dump all the packets in a dish and 2 Tablespoons of water, nuke for 2 mins and it's yummy lunch!
2. The ingredients are pretty good.  Here's what was on my box:
1. My little dish was broken, and I couldn't tell until I opened up the entire package. That would have been a bummer if I wouldn't have had an extra bowl at work.
2. Unlike other bowls, you really need the microwave because the noodles will be rubbery if they don't get a touch of heat. I've been able to just add hot water to other noodle bowls from the coffee maker - not this one!

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