Monday, January 9, 2012

OUT OF BUSINESS Bloom restaurant, Broomfield, CO

I went to Bloom last week with my coworkers for lunch and the waiter knew immediately, when I told him I needed gluten free, which 2 options and desserts, on the menu(!) were ok for me. I had the Salmon with polenta and arugula. First let me say, my meal was delicious, piping hot and safe. Then let me say, it came a full 10 minutes after everyone else at the table was served...and they waited to eat until I got mine despite me telling them to go ahead without me. The waiter explained that they had overcooked my salmon and made me a new dish, that was the delay.
So, I had no problem with the wait because I'd rather sit for 10 minutes to eat something divine than get something crappy fast. I also had a martini - which was fantastic! They have Hendrick's gin.
And made it just how I like it - neat, 3 olives :)
For dessert I ordered the flourless chocolate cake without the little cookie cup that comes with it, of course! And they delivered my sorbet that accompanies it, in a martini glass on the side. I've had the flourless cake in the past and it's been a little eggy tasting but this time it was perfect.
In the past I've gone, also with work groups - they require a pre-set menu on large groups, we are usually 20 - 30 ppl and get their private dining area. One time, I arranged for a pork option and everyone who chose it complained that it was undercooked, which is unacceptable, especially for pork! So we hadn't been back since.
Every other group meal we've had there though, I had to arrange for something "special" for me and it was always inedible. I usually opt for a plain steak and vegetable for business dinners because restaurants can accommodate that easily and usually safely but Bloom has always delivered mine cold, over cooked and covered in mystery sauce so that I couldn't eat it. I've always felt that was unacceptable because restaurants are set up to cook for individual meals so just because I was with a group shouldn't mean that they make mine and set it under a heat lamp until they've made the other 29 meals.
I'm glad to be able to add them back to my possible dining list though.  I still don't enjoy eating out - but it's good to know I can!
Where do you guys eat out? Do you have any sneaky tips to getting a safe meal, especially if you have other food allergies and/or intolerances?

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