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Review: Yoplait Greek Yogurt and CLOSED GIVEAWAY Free Stuff from Yoplait and MyBlogSpark!

Happy Friday kids!

First, go get a coupon to try the new Yoplait greek yogurt: visit to download a printable coupon for $.35 off.

Yoplait and MyBlogSpark have given me a fun opportunity to try the new yogurt for free, do a review and play with a bunch of fun stuff in a free prize pack that they sent to me. They would also like to give one of you a free prize pack - totally fun, right?

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Ok, for my review!

So, I actually couldn't find this at my usual grocery stores for a long time, finally...I found 2 flavors - Blueberry and Honey Vanilla at the store.

Since I'm all organic produce girl now, I went with the honey vanilla.
Clearly labeled "Gluten Free" on the top and side of the package *woo hoo!*
Fat free, if you're into that sort of thing
Fortified with vitamins, I know I'm always a little short on Viti D - nice add :)
Satisfying, creamy mouth feel
No HFCS - I'm a sugar girl all the way, baby!
So here are the ingredients off the label:
I'm concerned that there is no vanilla nor is there honey listed as an ingredient. Perhaps there is some in the "natural flavors", but I'd really expect to see them as ingredients if that is the "flavor".

I'm a purist that way.

Kind of pricey IMHO! $1.19 for this 6 oz cup - can you tell me how that compares to other brands?
A little on the sour side for me as well - I could totally taste the lemon
Locust bean gum, gelatin, pectin, and I'm really leery of "natural flavor" in anything - it doesn't tell you anything about what you're eating.
No vanilla or honey listed as ingredients

Would I buy it? Sure, it did curb my hunger long enough for me to write this between work and dinner! lol

I'd also like to try one of the fruit flavors! I avoid fruit on the bottom yogurts for fear of gluten contamination but the blueberry one was also labeled gf, so I'm tempted...

My reservation about it is that I really want to know what I'm eating and I stick to whole, natural foods for the most part. I'm an ingredient list sleuth so when there are fillers, texturizers and mystery ingredients I tend to put it back unless I'm desperate.

Some more stats off the label:
150 calories. % Daily values: 5% sodium, 18 g sugars (7% carb), 27% protein (14g)
My verdict? I give it a 7 out of 10.
I'd recommend trying it! and let me know what you think when you do, ok?

And if you want to have more fun, below are some links to check out for more free stuff and don't forget to leave me a comment to win your own prize pack!!

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