Thursday, March 31, 2011

What makes you happy?

Just a quick post for posterity today about things that are making me pretty happy right now...
Mini sweet peppers. These cuties are so yummy, colorful and don't hate me like full grown bell peppers do!
Amy's gf pizzas have been a favorite all winter. When I get home at night, it's dark and cold and about the only way I'm going to cook dinner is if it involves starting the oven, heading upstairs to get in some comfy sweats and slippers and then baking something while I hang out in the oh so toasty kitchen. I can only get the plain cheese around here so I usually throw something chopped from the fridge on top. This one happened to be onion. I've been known to dice up peppers & onions, slice mushrooms and even add a little meat of some sort. Good stuff.
Boxed wine - Franzia Chillable Red, to be specific. It reminds me of some really good times. My coolest friend ever used to stock her fridge with this and we had many a fun evening at her house drinking wine while our boyfriends played manly stuff before heading out for open mic nights or just general down town frivolity. I miss those days, nice that I can relive them once in a while just by putting a straw in my big ol' juice box.
Last, but not least, almond milk lattes. I make 'em decaf. No guilt - all pleasure. It's creamy, sweet and so good for me! Almond milk actually has as much calcium as cow's milk, more protein than skim and a richness that makes it feel really decadent. If I could get Starby's to carry almond milk, I'd probably spend half my paycheck there. Luckily, the best they'll do for me is put a couple shots in my own cup 'o milk. Forget that! If I have to go to all the trouble to find a cup and put some milk in it, I can find the other 2 minutes to warm it in the microwave and put my own shots in it. Much easier than the usual 15 minute wait at Starby's. Yeah, I like things simple. And cheap!

My happy theme seems to be cheap things. 5 liters of wine $15, Amy's Pizza $8, Almond latte $.50.
What are your pleasures?

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