Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breakfast sandwich! Yum!

It's still really cold here...they said it's warming up but I don't feel it. I haven't felt my toes in weeks.
Anyway, one of the best things to do on a cold day is stand over a hot stove so this morning I decided to make a hot breakfast and kind of got carried away. Scrambled eggs turned into eggs and ham...and toast...I just kept cooking because it felt so good to be standing over those hot burners!
Also, I have these gorgeous ripe tomatoes from my delivery this week and happened to wash an extra pear so slicey, slicey and breakfast is ... gone! It was pretty good. The simple things...
In other news, I'm having a lot of thoughts lately about what's next in life. I guess you could call it a phase? It's all about, "what do I do next?"
Any suggestions?
I'm just having this gut instinct that things are really going to change in the near future. Also, looking back, I can see that I'm preparing for something. A couple days ago I checked all my finances and realized that I'm totally flush. My assets are higher than my liabilities. It made me feel pretty good to know that I could sell my house and be free and clear of every obligation and just start fresh.
Yeah, that's what I mean. I don't think think things like, "I can really settle in and build a life." or "I could remodel, go shopping, donate more to charity or get more involved in my community." I think, "Wow, I could just up and change everything about my life - I could start over from scratch. I could run away." That's what I keep doing too - every few years I just start over from scratch. Different career, different house, different states even. I'm just built this way and I've been fighting it for some time now, trying to be normal. I'm telling ya, I've really dug in here and tried to be the most boring, stable version of myself.
Who knows, maybe tomorrow things will feel different, sometimes stable isn't so bad ;0)

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