Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OLE!! Guac and margs

The other night I left work with nothing on my mind but margaritas so I promptly mixed one up when I got home and of course had to have a little guacamole to go with it!
Recipe for the Marg:
In a Shaker: simple syrup or sugar and ice cubes, equal parts tequila and lime juice.  Shake it baby, shake it!

Recipe for the guac, as usual:
1 avocado, mashed + equal part salsa mixed in. numm.  I nuked the chips for 45 seconds till they were warm and it was like Cafe Cocoa.

I slept really well after I took my allergy pill with the last of the marg. Like the dead. Somewhat groggy at work, till noonish though. Probably won't do that again. It was just habit - I take a pill every night so it won't interfere with the other pill in the morning. It's a whole system. Since I'm not a regular drinker, kind of forgot.  oops.

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