Friday, January 4, 2013

I always order lunch at work

 I'm actually happy to order food when we have all day meetings at work. It's so much easier than trying to explain to someone how to explain about celiac to someone else...who doesn't care.
Since I work for a..., we often do "Brown Bag" lunches. Panera has done a nice job for me several times. They seem to be conscious of what gluten free means and pack me a nice salad with nothing dangerous in it and lately they even automatically sub out the cookie for a fruit cup. I love that!
The meat is real chunks instead of questionable sandwich slices :)
 This last time I decided to try Encore Catering for a hot lunch. I got a stuffed portabello mushroom with a cute side salad and rice crispie treats: 
 Feta, Spinach, Sun dried tomatoes, bell peppers in a mushroom cap with some kind of sauce:
 Everyone else got a "Street Taco Bar". Although it sounded safe, they couldn't say with confidence that it was truly gluten free so I steered clear of it.

The lady I spoke with to order said she had a gluten sensitivity as well and seemed to know what she was talking about. That was pretty refreshing.
Can I say for sure it was safe? No...because the next day I definitely had some tummy trouble...could have been almost anything though - soy, gluten cross contamination, bell peppers, the feta...I have so many other sensitivities that aren't consistent, I'm never sure and I was a little bit negligent by not asking for a list of ingredients!
I didn't really know how to push it. Any suggestions?

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