Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to Door to Door deliveries!

Hi kids!
Well, I signed up for my Door to Door Organics delivery again! I quit a while back because I found a great selection of organics at my King Soopers (yay!) and thought I could just pick them up when I went for other stuff. worked for like a week and then I ended up living on giant tubs of organic pre washed baby spinach and deli roasts. That quickly devolved into frozen veggies and jello straight from the box over the last couple months. So, it's apparent that I need a little help.
I did pretty good after Thanksgiving with the leftovers and such, but when I came down with the plague (flu for the layman) in December, all bets were off. I lived on Sudafed, throat spray and vegetable broth, sometimes added a few of those frozen veggies if I was feeling like something chewy and on a really good day I might even find the energy and stomach to get a few cheese and crackers in there!
So, well into the new year and no long suffering from the plague, I looked in my fridge and couldn't bear to eat another tub of spinach beside a slice of deli meat for dinner and decided that D2D might help me out again.
Surprisingly, they also carry some new products like the Udi's GF bread I like, for only $.10 more than King Soopers, so I added on and now I have a beautifully nutritious week ahead.
This week's menu includes baby bok choy, ruffly kale, cucumber, blueberries, green onions and more!
Lotsa washing (second reason I quit the farmer delivery) but I have a feeling my health will improve a little more too.
I other news, I saw this at Walmart and was really impressed.
How's 2013 treating you so far?

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