Saturday, January 29, 2011


One of my favorite things to do is go shopping somewhere great and today I found a new place! See, the grocery store I usually go to is under construction - still open, but the last couple times I went everything was covered in this sticky gray dust. Today I headed out to go and as I was approaching I just couldn't bear the thought of coming home with a bunch of dirty stuff again (I seriously had to wash some of it last time!) So, I took a left and went to the store on the next street. La La La! It was great! I'm going back for sure - it was a gluten free palooza there. I got a bunch of stuff, as you can see.
My regular store stocks a handful of Amy's gf meals and on a good day I can find gf pretzels on the bottom shelf way in the back behind other stuff. My new! They had at least 7 different kinds of gf cookies, 2 kinds of gf pretzels, a ton of rice noodles, bowls and sushi makers! Not to mention the usual gf pastas and Betty's cake mixes you can find almost anywhere.

I was in awe as I stood in the frozen foods and they had 5 different kinds of gf bread, pizza crusts, muffins, cupcakes, regular cakes, BAGELS!!! and sandwich buns. They even had Amy's gf burritos and lasagna. I teared up a little.

If you're ever in the NW suburbs, let me know and I'll take you over to KingSoopers with the gf palooza.

Today's to-do list:
Find sushi recipes to do with my Nori that don't require soy sauce (did you see - I got sushi vinegar?)
Have Chipotle with the 'rents
Watch Letters to Juliet
And a bunch of house chores :(

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