Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pinterest recipe - Bailey's & coffee cubes

 Don't let anyone tell you that Pinterest is a huge time sucking waste...just be sure to try out a few of the things you pin!  I decided to try the super easy coffee ice cubes in the Bailey's Irish Cream concoction.
Super yummy!  Looks weird right? I think it is the glasses - highball glasses would probably look  better. Or more square cubes - shaped cubes? If you experiment, let me know what looks best, ok?
When you try it, just a tip - 2 cups of coffee fill a standard ice cube tray, especially if you don't spill it all over.
Another tip - make the coffee strong and add ice cubes to cool it down fast before you put in trays to freeze. 
Follow me on Pinterest, if you'd like. I'll be trying out more projects ASAP!
This was so fun.

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