Saturday, August 4, 2012

Treadmill + Julia Child = good times

So, I've been watching the French Chef on DVD while walking on the treadmill lately. At first, I thought it was a little...illogical, but it's actually quite educational!
For instance, I'm never going to truss up a chicken and eat it (allergies) but it was really interesting to watch her do it. Likewise, the lobster show was fascinating. I learned that it's actually quite humane to boil a lobster as long as you plunge it head first into the boiling water so that it is killed instantly.
Will I ever cook a lobster? Probably looked kind of gross. But further, I'd only do it if I was on the East coast and could get a fresh one!
Anyway, none of the shows (so far) have been mouth watering for me to watch. In fact, a lot of the preparation grosses me out completely and puts the kibosh on any post-workout snacking I might do. (Like the sausage show...gag me!)
But, she was so charming and I totally enjoy the shows. I see now why she is (still) an American Institution and loved by so many.  She always has this attitude of, if she can do it so can you. And no promises of a 30 minute easy dinner. It's an art. How to enjoy creating a meal that is as enjoyable to eat. Only I'd wash my hands more often than she does.
Just a bit of life from me to you...

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