Friday, June 29, 2012

Look Ma! I made bread!

Welcome to installment 2 of Cocoa's slide show instructions :0)
Step 1. Put the ingredients in the bread machine pan.

Step 2. Put pan in machine - don't push down too hard or it will get permanently stuck and you will have to pry it out with tools - which is not the manufacturer's intent.
Step 3. Choose option 9, if you have my machine. It lives under the cupboard so I had to use a mirror to get some light on it for the picture.  
Step 4. Close the lid. Don't forget to press "Start"...yes, I went to check on it an hour later and was stupefied.
Step 5. Store in airtight container.
When I make this bread I remember how much I miss Macaroni's Grill bread, then I remember it's not the bread I missed from Macaroni's - it's the dipping and go drizzle some evoo and balsamic in a plate with a dash of S&P and I'm happy again.
  What do you miss?

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