Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CLOSED Gevalia Kaffe Giveaway and Review

Good Morning!

Kraft and MyBlogSpark offered to let me do a review and a FREE giveaway for you all of Gevalia Kaffe. To win your free coffee, please leave a comment below with a way to contact you, if you're the winner.  I will choose a winner randomly on March 16th and MyBlogSpark will send you the prize pack within a week - pass it on to your friends who like coffee too!
Your prize pack will contain: 
(1) sample of the House Blend fromGevalia Kaffe
(1) sample of the French Roast Blend from Gevalia Kaffe
A Gevalia Kaffe branded coffee mug

I wouldn't consider myself a coffee connoisseur. I have dabbled with my espresso machine and you know how I can't resist my Friday Starbuck's treat but for the most part, my coffee staples are 2 jars of instant granules that I keep in the fridge for company or emergencies. One regular, one decaf. 
So, I thought this little taste test would be fun and I enlisted a couple other testers to help me out.

We started with the House Blend

Taster #1's first reaction was "Eww! What is that sour taste?" but after a couple sips it turned to "This is ok, better than most." and proceeded to down 2 cups of it. So, I'd call that a thumbs up.

Taster #2 had a similar reaction to the sour start, and agreed whole heartedly that it had a taste much like old fashioned, boiled in an enamel coffee pot on the prairie coffee but added some creamer to be fair and it wouldn't dissolve
so thumbs down.

Taster #3 gave it a thumbs up as well and would buy it, found it to be smoother than others.

Next we tried the French Roast
#1 thought it was stinky and really icky

#2 thought it smelled better and had a little bit of a nutty taste than the House Blend, which was better but still bitter and added some creamer, which I might add was Safeway brand, the store where you can find Gevalia Kaffe (see below) and it made the French Roast coffee taste better. Thumbs up from #2 and would prefer it to the swill they provide at work.
#3 has not, as of publishing time, tried it because of the jitters from the House Blend but will probably see if the French Roast will make a nice Irish Coffee.

So, can we make a recommendation? Not really. It just goes to show that everyone has different tastes. I'd say, if you're shopping around and want to try something new, give any of these flavors a try and you might be pleasantly surprised, at worst it will be tolerable.
For me and my sporadic coffee cravings, I'll stick with my Starbuck's for now.

So, leave your comment below for a chance to try this for FREE!  Let me know if you've tried Gevalia before.  What's your favorite kind of coffee?
If you'd like more information about all their varieties and offerings, please visit their website: 
Finally, a required disclaimer:
Kraft Foods has provided sample product to me and is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me.  This program is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by me.
THE WINNER IS AubreyLaine. 
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  1. Tried Gevalia a long time ago... I think it was flavored. Cinnamon maybe?
    I like Dunkin Donuts coffee a lot. But right now I am drinking Folger's. It's cheaper.

    karin56381 (at)

  2. No haven't tried this before - nor has hubby ... but then he also smokes so that might make a difference in what he "tastes".
    1prizewinner at gmail dot com

  3. I love Gevalia coffee. My fave is the French Roast.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  4. I was surprised to see Gevalia is being sold in supermarkets now! My mom is a big Gevalia fan so I've tried it. I usually stick with what's on sale at the store.

    winterset AT

  5. I have not tried this before so it might be interesting.

  6. my husband has not tried this coffee before

  7. my husband has not tried this coffee before

  8. I have had had Gevalia coffee before, but not what they are selling at Safeway. I like strong, dark coffee, generally something like a French or Italian roast.