Sunday, August 28, 2011

Embarassingly clean!

I had a cleaning spree yesterday, totally inspired by FLY Lady that culminated in the sparkling clean shower curtain you see above. Before shot below...Yes, that's a picture of the World - who says you can't learn something in the bathroom?
I almost feel embarrassed to admit that I spent a couple hours cleaning my house yesterday just because of a FLYlady digest full of testimonials and a purple rag. When people come over, I plan to tell them I got a new maid ;)
It all started when checking my email and just skimming the usual email I get from her everyday and it occurred to me that I needed to clean my bathroom mirror and wouldn't it be fun to see if I could do it with the damp purple rag, like other people claim to do, instead of windex and a handful of paper towels?
And I did. But I couldn't stop. I used it to wipe the dust out of the mouldings on my doors. Then I took it to the kitchen and wiped down my cabinet doors (um, now they are shiny!)
Then I took it to my nemesis...the microwave. Many years ago I had a huge boiling oil/deep frying incident that sprayed hot soybean oil all over the kitchen and I still have spots on the ceiling to remember it by! As you may or may not know, once soybean oil dries up it's nearly impossible to clean off of certain surfaces because it bonds to plastic. Did you know that they actually make some plastics out of soy?
Anywhoo, there were splatters on my microwave that lives above the stove that I'd tried to scrub off with everything but steel wool. I had tried vinegar, scratchless scotch pads and many types of caustic cleansers. None got it off so I figured I'd probably just have to live with it.
God bless the inventor of the purple rag! I just started wiping and the surface got shinier and shinier. It's hilarious to see the spots of smooth plastic surrounded by the permanently etched surfaces that I scrubbed to death! I wish I had my purple rag 4 years ago :(
After that, I pretty much carried my rag from room to room and wiped and dusted and rinsed it off and did some more and I'm proud to say things are kinda sparkly around here this morning!
People are going to think all I do with my time is scrub the house, but the truth is it was all done in about 90 minutes.
My sink was so shiny I had to take a picture of these giant collard greens bathing in it even :) They are destined for wraps, for sure! Lunch was already Hormel Roast beef rolled up simply with some mayo and mustard - great lunch!
So, not to be too much like an infomercial but, I heart FLYlady and I'm mad at her a little too because now I know how good things can look and the stuff I didn't clean looks kind of shabby today :(
I'm going to get back to her daily assignments and I'm sure I'll be lying about my maid all the time!
LOL kidding!

Love to you all!

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