Monday, June 4, 2012

Alternate uses for an apple slicer

I've never actually owned a toaster...and it wasn't really until recently that I decided to make toast for myself (as an adult). But, I've found it's actually much easier in a non-stick skillet than it ever was in a toaster. Curious?
 It's easy - heat the pan on High until it's hot (30 secs or less), turn down heat to medium and put in your bread. Put the apple slicer (or other weight like a plate or large round jar) on top and when it stops steaming, flip and do the other side.  Why a weight you ask? Well, you can toast without it but the light weight makes it toast evenly rather tan just getting the parts that naturally touch the pan (like the middle).
Perfect toast! No pushing it down twice and ending up with burned fritters.
Also, have you ever noticed GF bread smells way worse than wheat bread when it burns? :(

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